The 2016 Expo is coming to Raleigh March 4th and 5th, 2016!
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Our members receive valuable information about business management, the latest technology, technical training, equipment opportunities, legislative representation, and updated industry information on a regular basis. Our members receive a quarterly newsletter informing them of recent news, including legislative, endorsed vendors/suppliers, member interviews, and more. Our members can take advantage of the best discounted business programs aimed at saving your money, while still delivering quality. They include: insurance, calendars, check guarantee, Visa/MasterCard, uniforms, long distance, office supplies, business forms, checks, invoices, statements, envelopes, Web page services, auto protective supplies, discount oil & lube products, business communications, and collection services.

Our board of directors meets quarterly to discuss the needs of our members and to make sure they are getting the best support the association has to offer. We have an annual Buying Expo that brings the best of what the industry has to offer together in one power-packed weekend. You owe it to yourself and your business to become a part of what many businesses have already realized to be a tremendous edge in being a member of the North Carolina Tire Dealers Association.

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